Did I find a FIND!

I know, it has been a while. Did you miss me?

This will make up for that.

Go to http://www.Scalamandre.com, this is a very high end…To the Trade Only site. They have a wonderful showroom in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. I love Scalamandre and always hope a client falls in love with something from this gem of a fabric house.

So, they have something called the “3rd Floor”, click on it…ooooohhhh…..aahhhhhhhh, it is fabrics, wallpapers, trims, etc that are either not being printed anymore or they have too much stock. Totally DIVINE for us.

Some samples of what you might find.

I use this in another colorway for a grand dining room in Chicago. GERTRUDE’S ROSE
sku: 16242-002  I could get it for a client for over 130.00 a yard…..52.95 a yard……BARGAIN!!!!!

What a fun one.CIRCO  45.95 a yard from the 3rd floor. These are hand printed, and hand blocked. Just incredible, the hand of the fabric is beautiful.
sku: 16343-002
Hand Printed Toile 100% Cotton Color: Green Approx Width: 54″

This is from their wallpaper section: I used this as a fabric, it was hand printed on linen and we waited a good 8 months for it as the mill was moving.

AVIARY sku: WP88220-005

I cannot even begin to tell you what a steal 13.95 a roll is. The fabric was 123.00 a yard. This is hand printed with three different blocks. Last check they had 195 rolls available. It comes 5 yards to a roll and usually a double roll. Check though.

So I do hope this makes up for my absence. I just love a good source.

Find me on Pinterest too. http://pinterest.com/limechandelier/

Happy shopping!

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