Love where you live…, not next year

There is a great article in the NYT titled “In defense of the Decorator”. You can read it here:

A general piece written to take some of the perceived “sting” out of Interior Design and Decorating. Yes, wealthy clients may choose more expensive fabrics and furniture, the concept is the same… where you live.

An Interior Designer is not there to help you spend money, they are there to guide you, narrow down the choices and Yes….save you money. You will make fewer mistakes, see things you might not have access to and the most important thing-get what you want.

There are firms that specialize in time only and they will go to a big box store with you and pull together something fabulous. Then there is the opposite, the blank check project that includes a Degas painting and 100k coffee tables from the Byzantine Era.

Live with design. There is no reason for having to forgo being surrounded by the things that you want and love.

Hire a Designer……

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