Settling in……getting to the good part

Moving is hard.

Moving is way hard.

A few things that I do like about it are: getting the brain space to got through all of the stuff/boxes/drawers and throw out, reassess and give away. It is a chance to put things in the new place where you want them to go, what make sense. Rotate artwork, get new furniture and bedding, let go of college pieces.

I have helped more than a few clients all over the country move. Helped them sort, ditch, and lovingly hold onto things that might have gotten lost in the fray. (more than a few times helped them unpack too and I keep that to myself). We have found artwork they forgot, beautiful old family pieces that just needed some TLC and new fabric, and the chance for a fresh start.

It’s over whelming, daunting and possibly could make you cookoo for cocoa puffs. Take heart, It is your chance to start over. New life, maybe a bigger family, downsizing, what ever it is……moving is a chance to line the ducks up and take stock.

Couple of things when moving:

Ask for what you need.

  • The movers are there to do what you need for them to do. If they are packing all your things, check in on them and make sure they are doing it the way you want. If this is not your strong suit, get someone who can be picky for you. It is worth it in the long run.
  • If you have art work, maybe the moving company you hired doesn’t specialize in wrapping/crating and moving art work. Hire a separate company. Again worth every penny, I have seen the fall out of damaged, irreplaceable art work. It is heart-breaking.
  • If you are unable to move your personal items, again hire someone to do this for you. They can also put them away (enough said)
  • Even on a small budget for moving, ask for help-your church, your friends, your community.
  • Negotiate all pricing beforehand. Know what your end bill will be. There will always be something that costs more. Figure about 10-15% over and do not forget to tip-15%-20%. It seems like a lot, remember you might have had 8 people on your crew and the final bill was 10k for 12 hard hours of packing and moving-20% is 2000.00 divided by 8 people, totally worth it. This is how these crazy, hardworking people feed their families. Believe me they are not doing it for the hourly.

So my final thought, loved this:

Love you



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