It’s there….for you, let it speak to you

A blessing or curse, there are very few times that a decision or choice becomes difficult for me. New wardrobe…10x’s longer trying everything on than picking it all out. Fabric…seconds, new car….moments, there is not second guessing. The reliance on my inner compass is strong, so I go with it. The issues arise when it is dismissed, lessons learned. Bad hair, bad skirt choice, bad date…….you name it.

So, all this for Interior Design?

This my friends, makes me good at what I do. Helping make choices that you will ultimately live with. Money is very emotional. We earn it, save it, spend it…sometimes wisely (and other times badly). Having an empty house or room is tough. Where do you spend the money? (remember, you could have a 500k budget or a 500.00 budget, the emotions tied to it are the same).

Some clients have a harder time with the “number”-coming up with it, should it be that, if I spend more is it better? Some have no problem coming up with a number…sadly it is not realistic for what they want…..believe me I can work magic, sometimes the two do not match up. Then there are some that are more fluid, it is a mystical number. I had a fabulous attorney for years that gave me wonderful advice-one of those was ‘people mentally run out of money’. Best practice, come up with “the number”. Stick to the number and if something comes up that  “it is a must, cannot live without”, things can get moved around-maybe new choices, absorb the overrun or subtract until it fits.

So where do you start?

I listen. People will tell you what they want, even if they do not know.

I’ll bring in some fabrics and try to get the visceral reaction. They might say, ‘I love grey’, don’t bring pink. I am not there to impose my will/taste/purpose in life on you. If you want flock wallpaper with lemon colored vinyl chairs, my job is to get you the best price and best quality. Pull it together so that it works visually. There will be questions…..will the chairs get a lot of use? Is the wallpaper in a bathroom? Are we matching something that already exists? Know there will be questions on every level.

Be yourself. Be honest.

Just so you know, a room is not finished without great lamps.

love you

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